New Technology Lenses
Spectacle wearers can now benefit from many lens options.
Gone are the days of thick ugly glasses.
  High index lenses can reduce the thickness and weight of your glasses by over 50% making them look and feel better.
  Transitions lenses are light sensitive, changing shade depending on whether they are worn indoors or out. They also offer a 100% UV protection.
  Anti- reflection coatings on lenses can help reduce light from bothering your eyes in situations such as night driving and office work. They also make your lenses tougher and more scratch resistant.

UV Protection for Eyes 
Living in Australia we are always exposed to UV radiation. This also means that even in winter months our eyes are susceptible to damage from the sun and this can lead to a number of eye diseases. 
If you wear glasses, a pair of sunglasses can easily be made to your prescription. We feel very strongly about the importance of protecting your eyes throughout the year and for this reason we offer all Optical Clinique customers free UV protection on all lenses we dispense, even clear lenses.